The Scandal of Oil and Wine

BY JON TSCHANZ One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s last speeches was in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. It wasn’t strategic for King. In fact, his advisers were not too happy about the choice. Sanitation workers were striking. Evidently, the locals were so upset about them eating their lunch outside of the truck that they […]

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The Scandal of Silence

BY JON TSCHANZ Humans are unique creatures. Even our crying sets us apart. Sure, other animals use their tear ducts to moisten their eyes, but no other creature cries for emotional reasons. It’s our tears. Think of the last time you cried. Why did you cry? How did you feel? We cry when we are […]

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The Scandal Of Crumbs

BY JON TSCHANZ This picture above is an icon of the Syrophoenician women. Yes, it’s the¬†women that Jesus calls a dog in the Bible. That isn’t tha whole story, but it’s pretty damn scandalous. Why is Jesus so rude? What’s his freaking deal?! The women’s daughter is suffering so she runs and falls to the […]

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