BY JON TSCHANZ It’s Hebrew for remember. Not the kind of “remember” we think about when we talk about the retention of memory. Nope, not that kind. “Oh, yeah! I remember! Beyonce is 5’7” and is from Houston, TX!” Not that kind of remembrance (Is she even 5’7″?). In the story of Noah’s Ark (in […]

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Facing The Storm

BY JON TSCHANZ Laird Hamilton: One of the best surfers in the world. A pioneer of paddleboarding. Author. Fitness pioneer. Laird has done it all, it seems. But, I’ve become way more interested in his perspective on fear than anything else lately. Fear is so pervasive in our culture and in our lives. I know that in […]

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Enduring the Walk

BY COREY VEVERA I ran a 5k last week. It was terrible. I was up far too early, with far too little coffee in my body, with far too little physical training to ever hope to move my body 3.1 miles in under an hour. I am not a runner. My preferred method of cardio […]

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