A Prayer For a Friday – Giving Up Excess Possessions For Lent


God, you tell us not to store treasures for ourselves on earth. God, you tell us that where our treasure is, there we will find our heart. We confess today that we have failed those teachings. For some reason we continue to accumulate more and more and then we become confused about what makes us happy or gives us meaning. Our joy and happiness must be found in you. But, God, we seem to care more about having things than you using us for the good of your Kingdom.

So we ask you today to compel us start to do something about it. Help us fast from the excess that we have. Convict us to start to give some of it away. Move us in a direction where we will begin to find our worth not in our stuff, but in our gifts we have that have been given from you. Help us to use those gifts to forward your kingdom in the world. And somehow in that we will find our heart, again–our heart found in the treasure of love and grace and joy and hope and beauty and meaning.

God we ask one direction today. Help us let go of those things that do not bring us joy or meaning and direction. Help us thank it for its service and give it away.[1] And in that, help us find some real goodness, the goodness of freedom from stuff and a life lived in pure joy with the things that really matter. And somehow, within that, God, help us love people and use things because the opposite never works.[2]

[1] Idea From, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo

[2] Quote from The Minimalists in the Movie “Minimalism”

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