Who We Are

Kinfolk: Holier Together

Our Mission is Family

Stories are powerful. They mold us, shape us and move us. And it is these stories that remind us that we cannot do life alone. This is why we call ourselves Kinfolk. We are sisters and brothers who long to be a part of a bigger story—a story that believes that we are all in this together. Through joy, pain, uncertainty, hope, desperation and love, we stick together.

Kinfolk is built on the idea that our lives are holier when they are shared together. We root ourselves in this concept because we believe that everyone belongs to God, therefore we all belong to each other. Wherever we are and whomever we encounter we treat others with grace, honor and love as if they are our Kinfolk.

Our Vision Is The Table

As Kinfolk, we are rooted in the historical church. We acknowledge all of those who have gone before us and look to learn from them, knowing we are all both saints and sinners. We want the wisdom of the church that has stood for generations, but we also look towards the future. We look to see where God is moving in the world and participate in those things. Our vision is deeply historical while also deeply innovative and missional.

We also acknowledge that the story of Jesus is timeless. We long for our lives to be centered on the table set by him. This table helps us reorganize our lives together around a table that reminds us who we are and who God is. It is this table that reminds us that this must mean a reorganizing of our life together around the life of Jesus who breaks himself and pours himself out, as servant, to say that we matter and that we belong. We acknowledge this table as a dangerous one because it is at this table where we learn that we need grace and, furthermore, that we must give grace to others.

Our Worship Is A Lifestyle 

As Kinfolk, we all long for something more and that is what keeps us together. None of us have all of the answers, but we are searching together. We search for a life that instead of giving us good answers, gives us compelling reasons to live. Why? Because we are all in this together.

We are Kinfolk, a movement of young people in the church. We believe that our lives are holier when they are shared together.

Become a Leader

Our leaders are trained to start their own micro-ministries of Kinfolk. We engage, equip and send out disciples who live questionable lives, helping others see the Kingdom of God. Please let us know if you’d like us to walk with you in starting something new.

About Jon Tschanz

Jon loves rap music, running and trying his best at vegetable gardening. He is a graduate of Duke Divinity School and The University of South Florida. A while back he cut his dreadlocks off and has not been the same since. Jon also loves coffee, especially Caramel Americanos. If you’d like to meet up for coffee and get to know more about Kinfolk, our vision and what we are trying to do, please contact us at kinfolk@fumcwp.org