FEAR – A Prayer For A Friday


Dear God,

When I was very young, I was taught that You were the light in the darkness that I feared…

As your daughter, I’ve encountered a lot of fear in my life. I can tell You now, that I myself am more afraid than ever.

And I’m not sure about the people here in this room around me, but I’m pretty sure if they haven’t before, they are probably experiencing a time in their lives where they are afraid of something too.

Afraid of failure, afraid of loneliness, afraid of loss, afraid of death, afraid of the unknown. What happens when we lose someone we love? What happens when we lose our job? What happens when there is war? What happens when we’ve hurt someone? What happens when we trust someone? What happens when we let go?

We aren’t sure of what will happen to us or to the ones we love or to the earth we inhabit. There is more fear of the unknown than anything in this world.

But all I can tell from what I’ve learned is that You, God, are here with me. You are always with me and You are not going anywhere. And as long as I continue to trust in You, I will be okay. And okay is better than being afraid. Even when I’m struggling the most.

God, I am thankful for Your light. I am thankful for my family in this room here with me tonight who continue to show me the light through Your love.

Above all, I’m thankful for fear, because without it, I would not know You the way that I do. I hope that whatever fear we are experiencing in life, that your light is always there to guide us home.

In Your Name, We Pray.


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