Dinner//Church is a meal. And it’s a worship service. It’s completely centered around The Eucharist. We hope you’ll come be a part of it. The meal begins at 7:00 in the sanctuary at FUMCWP. If you are willing and able, meet us at 6:15 to help with table setting and meal prep. We announce the dinners a few weeks ahead of time on our facebook page.


Shared/Co-Working Space

We believe that we need spaces where we can work together. The ancient monastics lived a rhythm of work and prayer in their communities which they called “Ora et Labora.” We long for a place where those of us in community together can spend time together during our longest task of the day: work. We also long for a space to be together beyond the 1 or 2 hours a week that we spend in worship or in a small group. This is our project to discover if we can move back towards this rhythm of work and prayer together. If you would like to join our co-working community please contact us here.


Kinfolk Family Dinners, 1st Monday of each month

We jokingly say around here that our mission is to eat together. Well…we are only half-joking. On the first Monday of each month we gather together and share a meal. The location varies, usually at a member’s house and sometimes at a public site. We gather together this way because we find great power in knowing that the early Christians did the same. We would love for you to join us! To find out whose house we are gathering at check our Facebook page regularly and follow us on Twitter.


Pub Group, 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

This is a place and space for discussion and conversation over a good beverage. At Pub Group we have a very relaxed atmosphere will some great discussion on difficult topics. It is free-flowing and very open. It is also a space were we discuss many provocative, challenging and thought-provoking articles that impact all of us. We believe that as a church we must not limit our interactions to our own buildings or even our own theological positions or ideologies. We believe that good conversation promotes holy spaces and helps us learn more about ourselves and more about the world around us. You can find our articles on our Facebook page, Twitter or you can receive them via email by joining our email list. We meet at Redlight Redlight on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each Month at 8pm.


Sunday Morning Group

Our small groups are centered around the idea that worship, ministry or community happens all week in all spaces. We believe that small church, found in smaller community groups is the best way to do life together. Sure we are broken people, but we know that is exactly why we need God and need each other. We can’t do this alone and as we move towards a community where we are a part of something instead of apart from something, we move towards this kin, this relationship with others. We are all good. We are all broken. We all have grace. And, it is here, in these groups where we want to practice this very thing. Sometimes we study the Bible or theology. Sometimes we read novels and listen to podcasts that connect in some way to our spirituality. Our next small groups will start in February at 11am on Sunday mornings. Email us at kinfolk@fumcwp.org for more info.


20s Women’s Group

This group meets the second Tuesday of each month. It’s purpose is to have a space for women in their 20s to grow together through book study, conversation and service. If you’d like to join, please contact us and we can give you all the info!


Monday Night Basketball, Mondays at 8pm

Monday nights should be for playing basketball. Monday at 8pm, to be exact! Each Monday we gather in the Matthias Family Life Center gym for a couple of games of pick-up basketball. We play full court, we play hard and we all have a variety of skill levels. Hopefully, we will see you out on a Monday night! If you would like to get our weekly Basketball updates, contact us at kinfolk@fumcwp.org.


Agua Viva Serves Mission Project

Each Year we travel to Los Chiles, Costa Rica with Agua Viva Serves, a non-profit that aids in the development of clean water systems and healthy living conditions. We will help drill a clean water well, participate in cultural learning experiences and work alongside and collaborate with the Methodist Church of Costa Rica. Please sign up here.