Optics of the Spirit


God, to walk in your Spirit is a very dangerous, life-changing and beautiful act. Dangerous because it will change everything in our lives, life-changing because it will shift our views, perspectives, lenses and optics towards you and beautiful because there is no other word to describe life in your spirit than beauty.

But for you, God, your beauty is different than our beauty. Your beauty is love found in the people we least expect. Your beauty is found in love instead of condemnation. Your beauty is found in grace instead of judgmentalism. Your beauty is one of misfits, outcasts, those who are on the margins. Your beauty is one so extravagant because it’s a beauty found in the love you have for each and every one of us.

So God we ask this morning that when we walk, wherever we find ourselves to be walking that we would be walking in your Spirit, a Spirit that is always ahead of us calling us to participate in your goodness in the world, a Spirit that is always behind us, reminding how you met us, even when we couldn’t go any further and finally a Spirit that is with us right now, in this moment, reminding us of the people you have called us to be.

God, maybe a part of heaven on earth is truly right inside of us, that Spirit, the Spirit that gives life. May you remind us that every time we take a breath that this is how close your Spirit is to us and help us to walk in that Spirit—the dangerous, life-changing and beautiful act that this life will bring as we walk in your Spirit.


Categories: Friday Prayers